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My Tattoos and why I got them.

As soon as I turned 18 I knew I was going to get a tattoo. Before I could legally walk into a Tesco and buy a bottle of vodka Scot-free, I knew I’d walk into a tattoo shop and have someone doodle on my skin and have it stay there forever. So the 29th of August 2014 rolled around and I got my very first tattoo. I didn’t have a specific tattoo I wanted so I gave my tattoo artist a photo and a rough idea of what I wanted, and he went with it and put his own twist on it. Quick side note, Massive shout out to  DemonInk in Welling which is where I got every single tattoo done. If anyone is interested in visiting their shop or enquiring about any tattoos, I’ll leave their address and contact details at the end of this post.


My first tattoo I got was a ‘stained glass’ heart on the inside of my lower arm. I won’t lie to you, I did faint while I was getting it done. I had over thought about it and was told by so many people it was going to hurt a lot. I decided it would be a good idea to hold my breath while getting it done. I know what type of dickhead thinks that is a good idea. I was only out for a few seconds but after that I felt totally fine and it didn’t hurt. A bit of advice I would give anyone getting a tattoo is, yes its going to hurt, but it all depends on your pain threshold as to how BAD it will hurt. If you’re someone who freaks out at the idea of a blood test, tattoos aren’t going to be your cup of tea. Thats just common logic. If you’re okay with an irritating pain that I can only describe as a cat scratching a sunburn, then you will be fine. Try and place your tattoo on a part of your body that is less bone and more skin if you’re really terrified on the idea of pain, that’s what I was advised to try. Overall my first tattoo cost around £40 and it took around 40 minutes. The place I visit charges  £80 an hour for tattoos which I think is an amazing price for the amazing tattoo artists they have working there. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being nothing and 10 being tear jerkingly painful, I’d say this was a 2/10.


My second tattoo is a homage to my favourite film of all time, Beauty and The Beast. Its a stained glass version of the Beasts Enchanted Rose. I get a lot of compliments on this one when I go out and it happens to be on show. Ive had people see it and show me their Disney inspired tattoos and each time it gives me such a warming feeling, because I know there are other total Disney freaks out there like me. This is the biggest tattoos I have. It took just under 4 hours and cost me  £320 and I didn’t stop for any breaks. This tattoo out of all of them was the most ‘painful’ but I say that word loosely, because it didn’t hurt to the point where I wanted it to stop, it just became very irritating near the end. As it was a large space that the tattoo artist had to cover and fill in, she had to keep going over each little square and shape individually about 4/5 times. However, I did feel like the single black lines closer to my inner thighs hurt the most. On a scale from 1-10 again, id say that this was a 5/10 for pain just because of how much time was spent shading alone.


My third tattoo is the one I have going down my spine. I decided I wanted the lyrics from one of my favourite songs on my body somewhere. My favourite song if you didn’t know is Coldplay- Fix You. I can’t really explain why this song has so much meaning to me because I haven’t got enough time or energy in the world to type that story out, but just know if there is a karaoke machine near me, expect me to bust this banger out. The lyrics I had tattooed on me are ‘ lights will guide you home’. So many people have told me that when they read it or see it on my back, they have to sing it instead of speak it. It took roughly 10 minutes but still cost me  £40, because the minimum charge is  £40. You’d think that because it was directly tattooed over bone it would hurt the most, but I didn’t even feel the being done at all. My tattoo artist decided the work from the bottom, upwards which was weird because it felt like the total opposite. I don’t know if it because of how sensitive the spine actually is but it felt very odd when I can literally feel the artists hands on my shoulders but the needle feels like its near my booty. I can’t even rate this tattoo out of 10 because its like a minus 3. I didn’t feel a single second of it.


My fourth and fifth tattoo are kind of connected so technically it’s one tattoo but they’re on different parts on the body. They are my lyrics on the backs of my arms from Adele’s ‘ When We Were Young’. Okay this tattoo doesn’t really have any meaning other than I really fucking love Adele and I was seeing her in less than a week so I thought sod it, I’ll get lyrics from her song on me. I remember laying in bed and the song came on shuffle and without thinking I just rang the tattoo shop and asked if someone could do it then and there. Lucky for me someone was in to do it. I really like the placement of these tattoos, not many people I know have individual tattoos in this place specifically. Obviously I’m not saying that I am the first person to think of this tattoo placement, I’m just stating that from the top of my head I can’t think of anyone (THAT DOESN’T HAVE A SLEEVE ) that I know that has a tattoo in this area. Again, this was a tattoo that was more of an irritating scratch than a literal pain. It took 20 minutes in total costing me £40. The only thing about this tattoo that bugs me is the spacing between the top and bottom line, I think its too big, but I still think its beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Overall on the pain scale id say its a 3/10.

I have a lot of people asking me if I’m getting anymore and if so what will I get and where, and the answer is I don’t really know. Do I want more? Yes I do, but I’d have to think of an idea or see an idea and really think yes I want that on me. I’m leaning towards another thigh tattoo which will be Disney inspired but on my left leg. I’d keep it in the ‘stain glass’ theme I seem to have and I’d probably get it in the same shaped frame as my other one, but I just have no idea on what to get. I’m in no rush though. If you have any ideas or see anything you think I’d like, please tag me on any social media you can find me on. I’ve always dreamed of having a sleeve but I’m the type that has to have something done completely, otherwise it would bug me and I think I’d hate it. It’s like when you bleach your hair and it’s in that awful copper/yellow stage but you have to just push through and wait a few days before carrying on, you know you’ll love the result but the wait is the worst.

Hope this blog post wasn’t too generic and boring for you. I felt like I hadn’t posted anything too personal as of yet so what better way to get to know someone than thought their body art.


Megan Rose Wing


Demon Ink.

64 Bellegrove Road, DA16 3PY Welling, United Kingdom

020 8306 1445


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