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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write something on my blog about Adele, but at least I’m actually getting around to doing it. In case you didn’t know, I Love Adele. If you actually know me, you know “love” is the biggest understatement I could ever use to describe how I feel about that woman but I’ll try and tone it down just for this post. If I didn’t, it’ll be more like a novel than a blog post. 

I began to listen to Adele when she crashed into everyone’s home back in 2011 with Someone Like You. Granted I knew of Adele before that but this is when I remember really beginning to listen. 2011 me would never admit to listening to Adele let alone enjoying her music so I kept my admiration on the back burner. Going through my first “heartbreak” is when I remember putting both 19 & 21 albums and feeling like someone had been through the same things I was now feeling. I know everyone goes through heartbreak and it’s the worst but you will always feel alone at some point, and Adele was a great way to feel less alone. Because the woman likes to keep things hidden and she likes to vanish from the public eye it made her very easy to forget, if I may. I mean that in the best way possible, it meant that although she was a superstar she was still able to live her life as best as she could! That meant her songs were played less but my love never left. 

23rd of October 2015. I remember that day a lot. The word Hello would never be the same again. I remember hearing Hello for the first time and thinking “yes bitch she’s back”. My new life had started. I had a new love and a new string of memorise and basically a new outlook on life. Come album release day and I remember waking up early to blast out the LONG awaited 25 album for me and my boyfriend to enjoy. I say the both of us but it was just me. I played it over and over all day long, on my way to work, on my break and basically any moment I could! It felt like I had grown with Adele. 21 is a collection of songs about heartbreak and not feeling good enough and at the time, that’s exactly how I felt. 25 felt like, pardon the pun, a Hello to the new Adele and the new me. 

I remember thinking “I really hope she tours again with this album” considering everything she went through with her last tour. November 2015 my dream came true. I managed to grab two tickets to The O2 Arena show on the 4th of April 2016 and I started to count down the days. I know the seats weren’t great but I knew that I would be in the same room as Adele and that was enough for me. So the date rolled around and I wasn’t emotionally ready. I dressed like I was heading to the Oscars and didn’t care if I looked like a muppet. Over £100 spent on merch and I was the happiest I had ever felt in a long time. Adele is also easily one of the funniest women I have ever seen in my whole life. She burped on stage and swore and giggled when a fight began to break out at the front of her stage. I’ve spoke about this already but 2016 was an awful year for me. I’ve written a very long blog post about the Miscarriage but I had to deal with a lot more than that, which I think I will be writing about soon when I have a spare moment to breathe! Anyway, it felt like 25 was representative of my life in that moment, just like 21. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 18.13.00.png

Christmas 2016 rolls around and Adele announces she’s doing a Finale farewell tour at Wembley Stadium. At the time it was only 2 nights. I didn’t bother trying to get tickets because I though “I’ve seen her once, no need for a second time” and then she announced 2 extra dates, and I knew I couldn’t not go. I managed to get standing tickets from my boyfriend for Christmas. STANDING. I WAS GOING TO BE CLOSER THAN LAST TIME. I wasn’t mentally ready for that. The photos below aren’t even zoomed in can we appreciate that!







Wednesday the 28th Of April 2017, a date I will never ever forget. A day filled with some of the happiness memories of my life. I’m not someone who relies on others to make me happy but Adele is my exception. I laughed, I cried and I sang awfully. 2017 is the year I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. Granted nothing was scarier than travelling to Manchester alone but being front row of a 90,000 capacity stadium was going to come pretty close, and it did. It was so much better than last year. She sounded better and looked better (if thats possible) and I think at one point we made eye contact. Adele, I just want to say thank you. You are one of the brightest lights that I’ve had in my life through the darkest of times. You are an incredible human and I can only hope that one day I’m bless enough to tell you this face to face. Thank you for filling my home with music that means something to not just me but a lot of people.

All I can say is that I hope I get to say Hello to you again in the near future.

All my love,

Megan Rose Wing 




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